Thursday, November 13, 2008

We Are Back and

Hey everyone-I am so excited to now return to Blog Land after a month off...I was waiting to get together with my friend Didi, who helped me to design a new banner, now I have no more excuses to not blog, I LOVE the new and improved banner! But since I have spent the past 2 hours figuring out all this tech stuff and choosing colors, type font, etc. I shoud go to bed, I never seem to stop looking at blogs til about midnight, it is so seductive, I could spend a lifetime just looking at arty blog and web stuff -stace-


denys said...

ciao ! vulcano in continua eruzione!
sei sempre fantastica !
complimenti il tuo blog è proprio molto fantasioso !
spero di conoscere presto questa tua amica, è veramente molto molto brava !
un bacione forte forte !

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

I am just learning and looking...what fun the blog world is. I spent one day trying to figure out how to do a you will see I didn't GET it...another day perhaps. I love yours.

Judy said...

Blog's looking better than mine now - good one.