Monday, December 15, 2008

Its Snowing In Portland!

Last week I had a wonderful dinner with my friends Sally, Cheryl and Bonnie at Bar Mingo in Portland. We have all neglected our blogs lately and agreed to get each other going by having a deadline to get some kind of post up by today.
Well,last nite it snowed in Portland! I love it when it snows here, the city stops moving and everything takes on a surreal quality.
I wanted to decorate the tree last nite, but since the snowstorm hit, we cant get it. Today I am going to go and take some Holga shots of the snow and I will post those as I develop them. I hope you all in Portland are settled back and enjoying this rare occurance! Sally, Cheryl and Bonnie, I can't wait to see the blogs!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Look at that snow! You must be getting hit by the same's raining...I mean really raining here! Yippee...have the fire going and the Christmas tree is lit!

Bonnie said...

I love the snow and your blog. Let's paint pictures of St. Theresa. So three of us have blogged...where is our quintessential blog girl Sally?
You rock stacey
love love

Stace and Rob said...

hi girls!!!

oh sally, where are you??-stace

Anonymous said...

Here I am! Maybe late...but it's still snowing! So it counts! XoXo...and dying to see more of your INCREDIBLE photos which I know you take!

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