Saturday, July 18, 2009


I just stumbled upon a  great new blog called 
Pip Lincolne, the author of this blog,  is hosting a challenge 
to post your favorite image or words that convery JOY. 
I thought this seemed really fun game to play  and scooted around in my photos...
what i came up with was : my little Balinese pal Dickey's expression 
when I gave him the Wallpaper Portrait I had made for him.
pure JOY!!! 
You can see the original post here
and click on the photo to enlarge.
Thank you for this game Pip!
Very inspiring! 


Anonymous said...

well that is sheer joy!

Love the image and I got my cd today too...thank you for that..

silly.. what's with the check?
I am tearing it up and you can buy me a glass of italian wine in cortona, OK??

Anonymous said...

Had to come back to say I spent a soulful 12 minutes in reverie watching the slide showof bali you sent... more than on tear rolled down my cheek. SO many warm memories.

Yes, put me down for 2011 in Cortona. You know the one I want.