Wednesday, November 4, 2009

IPhones and Fall

I got an IPhone recently and I love it.
My kids said I would never be able to "get it."
Well, I proved them wrong.  I always knew better, 
I am highly techno-savvy 
when I want to be.  I can even text on it really fast with one finger, 
all though my son says I need to learn the 2 thumb technique-ok, someday...
when I have nothing else better to do (ha!)
So I was led to
the IPhone app "Toy Camera" which is REALLY  fun, 
and takes pretty good Lomo-Holga 
style photos.
I have been wandering around, shooting photos, but it really doesn't make sense to just
leave them in the computer so that my kids can look discover them in 
the archives when I am dead someday. I will attempt to just share them and 
make this blog post look like all
those other dreamy blogs that I wish I could emulate.

This first group is a series of decaying flowers, the last vestiages of late summer.
I have always loved things that show up on sidewalks.
Something to do with the fact that they are somewhat discarded or 
And for my last set of photos today:

What I saw on my walk this morning with 
Ms. Dummy,
 who is otherwise known as Sogni the Dog.

The end.
p.s. does anyone know why Blogger randomly defaults and 
the text body for no reason?


Jayne Bramley said...

Great pictures Stacey - I especially like the fire hydrant, the colors are so vivid.
Love Jayne.

Jane Rosemont said...

Love these photos!

Stacey said...
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jennie k. said...

i love this post. i always think about how i wish my blog were as dreeeeaammmmyyyy as the ones i love and pine over...and it really isn't that hard to make it so! so you're inspiring me to just post the freakin' pictures that i spend so much time taking!! loving all of yours, as usual...

Redness said...

Oh WOW mine keep telling me I won't get an iPhone either but I'm about to prove them wrong too ... fabulous photos!