Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Arrival in Italy- 13 Days Ago

I am constantly taking photos with the
intent of doing some blog post.
Rarely does the blog post ever materialize.

There are just too many wonderful things to do
in life, and I can't usually sit still long enough to
devote hours to a post.
You fellow bloggers know what I mean.
It is a considerable commitment to post
So, that said, I have been flat out on the couch,
in Italy for several days now with a nasty
cold. Thank god for wi-fi.
I wouldn't want to have to read a book or something.
Or start that art journal I have been meaning to do for
about 5 years now.
No, instead, I, like so many others, get lost in a cyber world,
so I am NOW catching up on at least a few of the posts that
I took pictures for since arriving in Europe 3 weeks ago.
That said,
Let's visit the arrival in Rome,
Leonard da Vinci Airport,
more commonly known here as Fiumicino.

My Berlin Air flight lands and
I thank the powers that
be for arriving safely.

I never understand when people complain about
a flight, regardless of how miserable it
might be with cramped leg room or that it takes
sooooooo long to arrive in Asia or India or whatever.

I mean come on, lets get a grip folks...

In my mind, it is first of all, amazing that we
can go hurling through the air in a metal canister, across the world,
and arrive somewhere else in a matter of hours.
Even if it is 24 hours, who cares?

How great is that that we get to do this?

And secondly, that we touch down
is a lot to be grateful for.
But enough of my ranting.

Back to the story...
As we hit the runway, the entire plane
of passengers simultaneously
whips out their cell phones, having been out of
communication with the world for 1 hour and 25 minutes.

It was as if this dance of emerging cell phones was
choreographed by some unseen director, no kidding.
And of course, I was right in there with everyone.

I text my beloved Italian friend from Cortona, Denys,
who has generously agreed to drive 2 hours to the
airport to pick me up.

What a pal.

I send her a message saying
"Sono arrivata"
(I have arrived)

As people are scrambling to get their luggage out of the
overhead, I hear my phone beep in my pocket.
Great, I think, I bet Denys is right outside.
I check the message.

It says:
"Ma arrivi domani!"
(But you arrive tomorrow!"

I think, she's joking with me...
I call her her up,

"Denys, dove sei?"
("Where are you!)
I am still thinking that she is just outside of

She replys again and

"Stacey, ma arrivi DOMANI!!!!"
(You arrive TOMORROW!)

Then why am I standing in this plane, at Rome airport,

I really confused for a moment as the truth of the situation settled in,
Denys was not right outside at all.
I frantically search my mind,
"Did I tell her tomorrow?"

NO! Ah Ha! I remember that I sent her the airline
itinerary via email.
So I didn't goof this one up.
I remind her of that and she pauses,
and says,
Oh si, giusto,
"Mi dispiace, ma devo andare al funerale oggi..."
"Oh ok, you're right, I'm sorry.
But I have to go to a funeral today."

Well, I guess I'm taking the train.

Luckily, I sent more stuff from Berlin down
to Italy, just like last summer,
for a rerun of that experience,
see here.
I can't ever seem to go anywhere without hauling alot
of stuff around.

So now I am in no rush to be anywhere,
it's 11 am and I've been up since 5am,
so after I retrieve my 1 bag from baggage
claim, I head for the nearest bar, in desperate
need of a doppio espresso.

Ah, that's much better, I feel great now!
Ok, onward to Roma Termini, the central
train station in downtown Rome.
I get on the train and settle in for a nice 2 hour ride to Cortona.
Whoops, well, it turned out to be a 5 hour ride,
there were no direct trains for a few hours,
so I took a milk run train that changed trains along the way.
But still, I have settled in to the change of events
for the day,
I have the latest Carl Hiassen book
"Star Island", I'm all set...
Hours later, in that golden light of the day,
I approach that magical town of Cortona...
I'm home.


Cheryl said...

So happy you are blogging again...I have missed you! Keep up the writing and feel better!


mary ann said...

stacy i tried to email you but it got returned! boo hoo. i love what you're doing over there in italy. so inspiring and brave and fantastic.
i'll be staying tuned for every detail!

Erin said...

Just catching up on your blogging and I loved this one. Cannot wait to set foot on Tuscan soil again! xoxo