Tuesday, May 26, 2009


After completely immersing ourselves in Wallpaper People for 2 days, we went on to Mandalas, a really cool 1 day project...To be completely honest, I was thinking I would blow this one off, I knew nothing about it of course, I had seen pictures of mandalas before and thought they were a little too East Indian for my taste, and what did I need to do this project for anyway? I was liking those wallpaper people, maybe I'll cut out and go do another wallpaper painting while everyone does those wierdo spiritual mandalas...(great to have such an open mind, isn't it?) Well, something kicked me (a voice from inside or above, I dont know) and thought to ask Anahata just what was this Mandala stuff all about anyway. So she gave me some neat explanation and her interpretation of it, and what we could personally do with it, like you could write private messages, prayers or whatever and hide them under paint or collage and only YOU knew they were there!!! Well, I LOVED that idea! Remember those hidden pictures in Highlights Magazine you would read in the dentist's office
when you were a kid?
Well, I could create my own Hidden Pictures Mandala! WOW! I really liked this idea! So I happily joined the rest of the class and tore, pasted, painted and wrote secret messages in my Mandala the rest of the day.
I actually did two of them, but I wasn't happy with the way they turned out, so a few weeks after the class was long over, I started and finished a third one, and LOVED it!! I will post it later on. Yes, there are lots of little secret messages hidden too!
Here's what some of the others did:
So I keep dreaming in Wallpaper People and Mandalas
cant help it. I have reoccuring visions of laying, smearing that gesso, gel medium,
paint, balinese fabric, sarong lace and papers onto the canvas...heaven, just heaven.


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you can still see Heather's sun burn!

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the first picture of that looks like a pizza

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