Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Margot's Birthday

My friend Margot turned 14 yesterday. When I was in Bali this March facilitating Anahata's Bali retreat we did a project entitled Wallpaper People. We were instructed to bring enlarged photocopies of faces, either found ones or our own photos , so after many compulsive hours spent searching for the perfect face in magazines, I settled for going through my photos and finding some great faces. For me, I liked using a face that belonged to someone I knew. Anahata also had us bring paints, ephemera and decorative papers. For this class, we took our faces and through a variety of her techniques with paint and collage, we built our wallpaper people around our face photo. I chose Margot, well just because i wanted to.
I loved this project and went on to make more, I can not get enough of making these,
it suits me.


Jane Rosemont said...

And you do such a good job! I love the ones in your dining room in Bali and love these as well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! She looks angelic and you really have gotten the knack... I had mine dry mounted and it is on the wall... first piece of art I've ever hung..