Friday, July 9, 2010

Beautiful Creepy Dolls in Amsterdam

I find them wherever I go.

They make me so happy.


Anonymous said...

My new friend Shirley asked me how to post a comment, she is coming for dinner tomorrow, however; I thought I would try this first.

Creepy is right, they have those big unattractive forheads, eeeee.

Anonymous said...

HI STACEY I1m at your Savier house waiting for my meal what else is new? Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, ZI don't know how to do qnything on any computer! Loved your pics of Amsterdam ... so glad you loved that place like I did.

Gotta go...dinner is ready thanks to Barbara (now that the weather has cooled a bit I can think of walking. 3 days ago when it was 100 there was no way. My drawing class is the pits or rather I'm the pits....I miss abd love you .....Mom