Monday, July 12, 2010

Last Day In Amsterdam

I am particularly fond of these new friends I found today,
especially the blond.


Anonymous said...

My new friend and I just finished our salmon, we are awaiting the next/first post from Berlin. Really, the Amrstdam dolls are creepy, almost as creepy as the ones hanging in the back yard.

Sogni, Freddy and I are wondering where you all are moving to when you return? Maybe Shirley has room.

Anonymous said...

Boy the keeper of the blog must be super busy, Freddy keeps asking me to look for pictures, but nothing since Amsterdam! Freddy has a new spot for sleeping in is on the command center. he loves it. Sogni is sick of her walks, I gave her a day off today, all she did was eat and sleep. Yesterday, Freddy, Sogni and I invited Mary M., and Denise over, they loved it, it wasn't as much fun for me because the "real" Mrs. Stacey wasn't here. I think Denise tripped out on the baby dolls in the back yard.