Saturday, October 23, 2010

Breakfast in Berlin

It seems as though I have suddenly found myself back in Berlin again this autumn.

When I was here this past summer, I made some wonderful
new friends,
(see former post here)
who invited me back to visit,any time.
How could I refuse?

So here I am, living and hanging in the heart of the
MITTE neighborhood,which is about maybe
a kilometer + or - in circumference,
and I have barely made it out of this zone
in 3 days.

I started to get panicked, I have to SEE, DO, FIND
everything in Berlin in the week I am here,
and I havent even left the MITTE.

I had all these fantasies about how I would be
painting, collaging and writing in
art journals at some chic and cool cafe, whiling the
hours away,
dressed in fashionable attire
fitting for an artist,
with my little portable studio
spread out all over the table,

looking and actually being extremely prolific as I fill
page after page of the MANY blank
journals I hauled over to Europe.
(Last time I checked, they don't sell Moleskin here,
or any other blank journals either)

Oh, and each page of these newly filled journals would be a masterpiece too.

I would have seen
in Berlin as well.

So as you might imagine, I have done none of this.

I am living in a fantasy land.

It is a big problem for me.
I have a seriously warped perception of reality.
Oh well.
Keep coming back.

Meanwhile, I am having a blast.
And I truly am enjoying

I have found the most wonderful caffe, it doesn't appear to
have a name except:
I am completely enamored of the place, it's a young trendy
hang out, open 24/7, with millions of 50's and 60's thrift store sofas stacked back to back
(that part is a little questionable,I could have done
a much better job with the furniture arranging)

the wall treatments are so great,
I have been obsessively studying them for days.
And I have taken about 200 photos so far.

They went down to the existing rock and sheetrock in this broken down building
and left all the rawness and then did beautiful graphite pencil drawings on
heavy tracing paper and pasted them onthe walls , so the effect is translucent
and the drawings look totally integrated with the crumbling, raw walls.

Plus, the BAR CAFFE makes killer espresso.

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Anonymous said...

... I couldn't have described the place any better. And I am a regular ther since it opend a year ago. By the way Stacey the name is: "HAUS AM SEE" which means "house at the lake" and is based on a popular song by Peter Fox the singer of SEEED. In the song he discribes, hip hop style, is dream of beeing in his "house at the lake" sourounded by all his children and grandchildren and enjoying his life. A strange dream for a successful and hip young guy...
I love your honesty.HUG wolfgang