Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Friends in Berlin

I was very fortunate to meet some new friends in Berlin.
My Portland pal, Rachel, had lived in Berlin
15 years ago for a few years and
made some close friends, who she graciously connected me with.
I was able to meet up with Wolfgang and Marie,
and several other dear people, who I am blessed to now
know as new friends.

Rachel had told me that Marie had a very special workshop
that would completely delight and enchant me.
After meeting Marie briefly,my first evening in Berlin, she invited me to visit her workshop/laboratory.
I liked her immediately, such a lovely and kind woman.
I hightailed it over to the Mitte area of Berlin the next day, to her workshop:
(Restoration of Antique Dolls)
Please click on the link, to see Marie's website, it is a
visual feast, beautifully done. Her workshop space, the
building, the dolls, all of it, beautifully done. Even if dolls
are not your thing, this enterprise is a museum really,
and worth a visit. Her website was created by Udo, another
new friend who I had the opportunity to meet.
He is a gifted photographer
and web designer, and as soon as I can obtain
his website address, I will post a link to it.

And so...
Anyone who knows me well, and even not so well,
knows by now that I have a thing for discarded dolls.
I walked into Marie's charming workshop,
I had just entered my first antique doll hospital!
Hundreds of dolls and all their parts in various stages of
restoration. Marie has an astounding collection of not only
antique dolls but clothing and body parts, all catalogued
and stored in wonderful vintage/antique cabinets.
I was DIZZY with excitement!
She gave me a tour and could barely breath, I have
never seen anything like it.
The only experience that came close was visiting
Isla de la Munecas with my buddy
To go there with me, click here and here and here.

But, back to Berlin and Marie's Doll Hopital.
A drawer of antique doll glass eyeballs-WOW!
I spent about an hour with Marie in this extraordinary
museum really, and I have to say, this doll below was my
There must be something going on in my psyche that I'm working thru to always be drawn to the most damaged dolls...oh well, a future session with my therapist if I ever feel like figuring it out. For now, I don't much care.

Marie, thank you for a most wonderous time with you and sharing
your art, your work, and yourself with me.
It was a fantastic experience,
I am most grateful!


carol said...

Thank you for sharing that with us Stacey..I have been a connoisseur of vintage dolls. All lost in a fire years ago and never re-comitted. What a lovely kingdom you found. Anxious however for your presence back in the states. You are missed and adored.

Angela J said...

Dearest Stacy: Where are you, heaven? I miss you so much, but feel guilty about wanting you back when you are having such an extraordinary time. Your spirit dances and sings thru your updates/blogs.I LOVE the pics and THANK YOU for taking us all there with you. I almost want to cry, it touches me so. The dolls scared the pee out of me, but I have some history there. Pics gave me something to discuss tomorrow in therapy :) But I could feel your passion in that last doll. I think I see what you see. Keep having a wonderful time-it makes me SO glad to hear/see about it. I love you.xo

Chu said...