Thursday, August 27, 2009

Slice of LIfe

I was walking by one of my favorite courtyards in Cortona, 
it is somewhat hidden behind a iron gate, 
but not really and it has this amazing palm tree, a vintage red swing set, 
and hydrangeas everywhere.
I never get tired of looking at it.
So I was passing by before pranzo hour (lunchtime) and noticed an elderly signore grilling meat in the courtyard. He didn't see me, so I ducked down and spyed on him through one of the gaps in the iron gate. There was something so adorable about him lovingly tending his grilled chicken.
I grabbed the camera from my purse and snapped away, incognito.
While he was tending to his job, his wife showed up and yelled at him,
"Stai bruciando il pollo! Muovilo!"
(You are BURNING the chicken! Move it away from the fire!)
He snapped a reply, appeared not to do anything 
and waited for her to go back in the
He then proceeded to move the grill shelf, chicken and all, 
down one level as she had instructed, with an air of resignation, 
which seemed very familiar to him.

He then puttered over to a panel in the wall, 
 washed his hands and disappeared inside.
Now, I watched this whole interaction and thought, 
there is something so universal in this male-female dynamic, 
and I have an idea of what that is...

How about YOU, what do you think?
(Hint in ITALIAN: "frustata")


Rochelle said...

hah..hah...if he only knew he had a visitor!

Mary Vogel Lozinak said...

It doesn't matter where in the world you live for that scene to play out!! I love that you were spying!!! Funny.