Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Return to Blogland and Hiking Boots as a New Lease on Life

I dropped off the blogging bandwagon when I returned from
Italy 2 months ago.
Every time I think, "oh I should blog..."
some other thought enters in like:
"oh, no, it's too late...YOU ARE WEEKS BEHIND!!!
how will you catch up now?"

Catch up to what?

So, when I couldn't answer that question to my satisfaction,
I decided, ok... just start anywhere.

So the big news today is:
I went to the foot doctor and FINALLY
after 4 months in the broken foot boot cast,

(yes, my foot has still not healed completely,
don't ask,
too long of a story...suffice to say,
I am 50% on the
road to recovery-I feel like I have worn the
most of my life now)

to hiking boots and a metal brace yesterday-
these cute Merrell Hiking Boots
even have FUSCHIA
accents-how good is that?
I have to say,
I had some help from above on this as
hiking boots

are normally a fashion nightmare
for this girl's aesthetic sensibilities.

If all goes well,
I will be sporting this
Northwest Great Outdoors Look
for another 2 months.
The Tumbleweed slips, dresses and Prada boots
are going to have to stay in the closet
just a little while longer...

photo courtesy of Tumbleweed Boutique

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