Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I really did a number on myself.
I broke my foot.
I went charging out the front door, missed a step and went down smack on my foot.
Excruciating pain.
Watched the bump on my foot swell at a very fast speed and determined that this was no small little bruise.
Sure enough, X rays confirmed it later.
A Fifth Metatarsal Fracture, for those of you who speak bone language.
Good news is: NO SURGERY.
Just a really hip, fashionable black boot for 6 weeks.
I was pretty devastated when this all happened, I was in alot of pain initially, but that has subsided (thank god!)
but also, more importantly what came up in my egocentric mind was:
Don't you know who I am???


I was quickly offered some insight from somewhere other than myself that whispered:
"This is a good thing, and will teach you a lot, mainly about slowing down,
false ideas about yourself and your life,
being mindful
(the big one)

OK, thank you! I get it!
So I am grateful for these lessons,
and besides, it is really nice getting waited on by my fabulous family.
I don't even get to clean the toilet or vacumn! OR...Walk the dog!!!

But it is a bitch giving up control and I am at the mercy of the 3 of them...YIKES!
I'll keep you posted as to how gracefully I am able to do this.
This will be great shuffling up and down the hills of Cortona
when I get there next week, won't it?
Maybe those crutches will get
me moved up to First Class?


Cheryl said...

Oh Stacey!!!!! Sending prayers your way for some quick healing. Be thankful for no surgery! It will be a good time...maybe more time for painting and savoring Cortona to a slower pace. Big Hugs! xoxo

Judy said...

Well, thats no good. Good thing you are wearing the boot, broke the same thing - bone many years ago. Actually i didnt - the masseur did. He was to busy checking out my kids babysitter, worked the old meta... bone and crunch - broke 2 of them.
Commented on your facebook about the hills and your foot.
should be interesting on the flight over. Hope you heal well.

jennie k. said...

oh no! you are ridiculous and hilarious but i am SO sorry! what a bummer. but i do love your words of wisdom and lessons...interesting what life gives us, isn't it?
just put on your best whiny face and i'm sure they'll bump you to 1st class. although i doubt it's our fave airline so, i'll keep my fingers crossed :)
i love ya. heal quickly, enjoy being taken care of, and enjoy slowing down...

Anonymous said...

I am chanting the upgrade for you as we speak... enjoy the tip it will be gorgeous in Italy.

denys said...

non ti preoccupare, andrai in giro per Cortona con un donkey

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