Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back to Berlin

3 of these bags are mine. My family was molto pissed off
at me once again, I do this every time, pack way to much
and haul crap that I don't need all over the place.

We left Amsterdam 4 weeks ago.
We have been in Italy for 3 weeks.
So do the math.
Where did we go for 1 week after we left Amsterdam?


I have been taking photographs for the past 4 weeks, with good
intentions of blogging happily as we traveled along,
recounting our adventures.
But, I don't have a pattern of getting anything done "on time"
except maybe getting to the hairdresser to get my hair dyed.
That always gets done.
Since we will be heading home in about 9 days, I guess I better get blogging.
I'll see if I can write about 5 weeks worth of adventures in the next few days.
As my friend Harrison says:
"Balance is a place we only pass on the way to extreme."
Touche' Harrison.


It took us 2 days to get there from Amsterdam, normally a 6 hour journey.
We got stuck about an hour outside of Amsterdam, on a train bound for Berlin, except we were notified that there would be some re-routing changes as there had been storms
in Germany and we would need to change trains. We ended up in Amersfoort, and after sitting around the station for hours waiting for this new train, we were then told that there would be no trains going to Germany that day.
I trotted off to find us a hotel, strangely exhilarated over this change in plans, much like
I feel when it snows in Portland, which isn't often.
There is an excitement in having something totally unexpected happens,

and often the best adventures ensue.

We hauled all that lugguge over to the NH Amersfoort Hotel and checked in
it was one of the nicest hotels I felt like I had ever been in,


And only 100 euro a night!
It was luxurious!

We relaxed, ate a nice dinner in the dining room,
and reveled in our grown up holiday.

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