Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cortona 2010

Always the same heading up this hill, it never fails to
delight me!
I first came to Cortona over 10 years ago, as a result of
having done a junior year abroad in Florence
over 30 years ago.
Or as they say so politely in Italian:

Diversi anni fa...
(Some years ago)
This is what you say when the number of years ago REALLY
starts to tell your age, so you just say vaguely:

Some years ago...

Anyway, I like that, as the college experience is now just not
a few years back, it is

Diversi anni fa...

Duomo, Florence

So, I had the good fortune to be spending my junior year in college,
in Florence, Italy,
with an extraordinary group of kids from all over
California and had an EXTRAORDINARY
resident director who was from San Jose State,
Duilio Peruzzi.

He was originally from Cortona, Italy,
still had family and friends there, and
has always traveled back and forth to
Cortona his entire life.
10 + years ago, Rob and I set about realizing a dream:
to move to Italy for a year with our young kids, put them in
Italian elementary school for a year and give them the
experience of living in a foreign country.
We chose Cortona, because Duilio connected us with
his family there and we were made to feel
so welcome and at home.
We have been returning there every year since, and it
truly is a home to us.

Duilio is often there as well when we return.
He lives down the street from us in Cortona,
and it is always a joy to see him about town.
He possesses the gift of gab, as do many Italians,
so I was able to catch some candid shots of him at the weekly
market in Cortona, doing what he does best.
And so I start this month of Cortona 2010 adventures
giving credit where credit is due:
to my pal Duilio, who I always
credit with not only instilling in me, a love of Italy
but more particularly, leading me to
this magical home that I am blessed with,

Duilio, love and mille grazie to
you always!


Susan Moray said...

Nice! I've always wondered how you got there. What a blessed life you have.

nina said...

siiiigggggggggggggggggggghhhhh!!! i want to GO BACK!!!!!
stace, let's plan dinner at sweet basil when i am there in early october - i'd love to get caught up on all you've been doing - miss you - xo

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful vignette.