Sunday, June 28, 2009

Backpedaling: Jesse's Graduation

i thought it might be good if I posted a blurb about my first son, Jesse's graduation from high school. Before he leaves for college in September.

It was your standard Portland Public Schools graduation at the Memorial Coliseum, large, long and a little sleepy if it wasn't your kid or a kid you know marching up on the stage. However, when they did announce that name it was sooooo fun, we had a cheering squad of 20 or so with us and we hooted and yelled. There were lots of lively families near us and some even had signs, they held up (so i turned around and painted some for my nephew Venus Evergreen college graduation 2 days later here.

Jesse and one of his best friends, Gabriel whom he has known since they shared childcare together at 9 months old, were up there together. What happened?
It was just a few minutes ago that they were drinking their ba bas wasn't it?

Proud Dad!

My pal SABRINA, Gabriel's mom, the moment they announced that
Gabriel was the recipient of a very prestigious scholarship award...

Kim , Lesley and Nicki, part of the Friedman family support crew.

When Jesse was little he said he never wanted to graduate because they threw their hats in the air and that scared him.

It was a very emotional week. I am so thrilled for Jesse, so proud of his high school success and subsequent choice to choose Evergreen College, a sleeper school that is so unconventional and REALLY cool. He has always been a kid that knows what he wants and makes wise choices for himself. I am proud of the kind, thoughtful, wise person that he is and always has been. I have been blessed to have this extraordinary person to sometimes guide, but mostly to learn from for nearly 18 years. And while I am thrilled he is about to embark on what I KNOW will be an amazing adventure, I am heartbroken to let him go. I happened to tune in to Rebecca Sowers blog the other nite, she was posting regarding her daughters high school graduation and the ache she felt on letting her daughter go. She asked her readers how they get through it and the feedback she received was tremendous and very helpful to me. Thank you Rebecca!
My beautiful boy, I want an amazing life for you. Thank you for all the joy you have given me. I am so lucky to have you as my son.
Love, mom

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Jane Rosemont said...

This would be such a sweet post anyway, but having met this extraordinary young man I'm really touched.

I believe he will have an amazing and adventurous life. So, tighten your seat belt, mom and dad!