Thursday, June 18, 2009

Michael and Judy in Bali (3 months ago? How is that Possible?

Ok, I know, I know Michael!

This post is WAY overdue and really late.
Like, really, really late.

My blogging and catching up is usually helter skelter. Chaotic. Just like my life.
Oh well. Somethings I get done on time. Like getting to my hairdresser every 3 1/2
weeks to cover the gray and get more red chemicals on my hair.
So any way, I thought that before I did much posting on the 2010 Cortona Workshops with Michael and Judy, it might be nice to review the cool workshop we did in Bali in March...
Lets get in the mood...

As always, I had a total blast with these guys.
Michael started the 5 day workshop taking the group to
"Home Depot" as we affectionately call the hardware, building supply store down the
road, it is rather primitive, rustic and completely charming.
Judy had a free day so we jumped in the car with our driver, Kohman, who patiently drove us EVERYWHERE, Judy had so generously agreed to accompany me on a shopping mission to decorate and furnish the house that Wayan had just built,
Villa Paradiso.Kohman Adi(or should we call him Saint Adi?
St. Adi hauling one of Judy's and my many, many finds of the day, a sate grill they make out of old biscuit tins, we saw it as great knick knak containers...
The photo above is courtesy of Judy, this truck full of chickens was in front of us and I shrieked for her to take a
picture out the window with her point and shoot camera, I couldn't stick the Nikon D60 out of a moving car and just point and well, shoot! But she did, and got a magnificent photo of the moment! THanks Judy!
We shopped and decorated and shopped some more. Not many can keep up with me when I shop but Judy is a woman of tremendous stamina and focus, no problem keeping up with me,
we had a great time! We had Kohman stop the car on Judy's request, she had photos of these guys here.
Our guys.

THe rest of the week was Temple of Dreams, a collaborative project
with Michael and Judy.
Michael's Temple
Judy's Dream Book InsertThe gang, working away
Jane and her adopted "son", Wayan.

Daily Offerings
Our youngest class member, Jasmine

field trip to the water palaceworking

not so poised or collected
ceremony at Temple of 1000 steps
the gang
I have been at this for 3 nights now until at least midnight or so, and I think i need to wind it up now. i could just keep posting bali pics all night.
This here is my one of my favorite times of the class:
Michael's critique, it is one of the highlights of his workshops.
I loved doing this workshop with Michael and Judy and our fantastic group:
Erin, Mike, Jasmine, Dee Dee and her boys, Joe, Nicole, and Jane Ann, it was a
wonderful adventure! Thank you to all of you for coming and joining us~

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Anonymous said...

Such lovely memories, The temples look so cool.

I can wait to come back to Bali...