Monday, June 8, 2009

My Birthday

First, I want to thank everyone who Happy Birthday'd me via Facebook (and otherwise!) that was so wonderful to get so many good wishes!
I want to share with you what I got for my birthday.
I have been known to want really bizarre things on my birthday.
One year I asked Rob if we could spend the day purging and cleaning the basement.
It was so totally fun for me (probably not for him!)
This year I asked him for a new toilet seat for the bathroom, we moved into this place 2 years ago and who knows how long the toilet has been here but the seat, well you know, its old and I'll spare you the details of what it looked like.
So this was my present:Then we had coffee cake that Rob picked up at my favorite bakery, Baker and Spice.
After getting completely whacked out on sugar and caffeine, my other birthday request was to change the toilet seat and to give a tutorial to my 3 boys on the art of toilet cleaning.
My boys are 13 and 17 and I still have never taught them how to clean a toilet. Hence, guess who does it? I have never found out if Rob knows how to do it, I just do it because it is easy for me. However, I am determined that my boys know this valuable skill before they leave home. So I bought special gloves for the occasion.Corey kind of got into it, probably more for the photographic opportunities for himself, Jesse nearly threw up and walked away and Rob well, I forgot what he did.
ANYWAY, that birthday activity lasted about 3 minutes. I didn't really get to finish the tutorial on toilet cleaning, they all took off before I instructed them on washing the outside of the toilet and surrounds but I guess they will just figure it out when the time comes.
My job is done at least.
And now I have a new toilet seat.
It even closes hydraulically! Wow!

For the next round of festive birthday activities, I wanted the family to go to the studio with me and do a family art project. Since wallpaper people is what I'm currently into, I thought we could do a collaborative canvas.Aren't they just the picture of family togetherness and enthusiasm?
That lasted about 4 minutes.Rob continued on, and made a gallant attempt to hang in there. I think he actually had fun laying paint on canvas. After it was clear that I was enforcing my wants on these guys who were going through the motions but not having the best of times, we gave up and went home.
I think next year we will go to a movie. Or something everyone wants to do. I can be
the artist. They don't have to be. Thanks boys, I Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

I am lying in bed reading this,with my partner reading over my shoulder. He has a sixteen year old elk that roams around the house... he said he admires you for your patience in the tutorial. Happy Birthday...

Judy said...

Great post.
As for the pressie - well i could have thought of a few more interesting items, but whatever floats .......yur boat.

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