Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Continuing Saga of Dead Dolls

I took about 400 photos of this island so it was challenging to choose the best ones to post. I will post them on Flicker at some point for any of you who are as obsessional as
I am over discarded dolls (there must be a few of us out there?)
Check out Michael's video of our journey here.


Kris said...

Eeek! These dolls are scary biscuits!

randi said...

Love your photos! Especially #1. You are my new best friend girl. Do you ever exchange mail art?

Chrisy said...

I'm blown away by ur talent! Thank you so much for sharing....I'm recharged!

U asked about my banner on one of my posts...i made it with pics, one flipped, joined in collage and then added words...let me know if u want any help with urs tho i think it looks fab!