Saturday, February 7, 2009

Isla de las Munecas

And so, Michael and I arrive after a lovely cruise down the canals to Island of the Dolls, one of the weirdest and most inspirational places I have ever been. To give you a little history: sometime in the 1950's a hermit named Don Julian settled on the island. Supposedly, a little girl had drowned at the island before he settled and he felt her discontented spirit haunting the island. In an effort to put her spirit at peace, he began collecting old dolls and giving them a home by mounting them all over the island, in trees, bushes, hanging them from wire, etc. Don Julian also grew amazing vegetables and word got out to the Mexico City folks, so they brought him discarded dolls in trade for his vegetables. The result was that the island became inhabited by thousands of discarded dolls. It is unclear whether the girl's spirit was appeased but mine certainly was when I saw this place!
Don Julian died a few years ago, but his family still gives tours of the island for a modest donation.
I took about 400 photos, most of which I won't bore you with but just to give a preview,
here is one doll that I felt particularly inspired by, (more on that later), she seemed to be the Queen of the Dolls, set in a little altar with in a shed that served as a museum
to the island. I am naming her Patti, again, more about this later...(anyone know how Patti translates into Spanish?)


Karen Cole said...

I'm headed to Mexico tomorrow morning. Just Cozumel and the warm sunny beach. Nothing quite as exciting as the Island of the Dolls. WOW!!!!!

After I return I'm headed to New York to stay with Joy for 4 days of creating, eating, junk get the picture.

Let me know when you might want to come. Sounds like fun.

Nice to hear from you. hasta la vista

xxoo K

Lisa Gatz said...

That must have been an experience seeing all of those dolls. I think you should post more pics.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear how Don Julian died?He was found dead in the same canal that the girl drowned.I don't really find it inspiring more creepy.Plus the fact that tons of people going by the island on boats during the night time said they moved and looked at them also on destinatio one was caught on camera opening its eyes!Cool or creepy it is definetly a unique place to visit.