Saturday, October 11, 2008

and then some...

And as a special thank you to my pal Michael, I am posting this photo of him, I have been waiting to use this for 2 years since his and our first workshop in Cortona together. At one of our group dinners, he was introduced to the wicked "green stuff", more commonly know as Liquore di Alloro, a homemade, heavy duty, 40% alcohol after dinner drink, made by Trattoria Dardano, in Cortona. It is known to have slightly hallucinogenic qualities. As I remember, he experienced a particularly fine teaching day the next morning.


Judy said...

Such a lovely photo of mr demeng - NOT!!!

Karen Cole said...

Hey Stace,

I'm in NYC with Judy. She wanted me to check out your new blog. Lookin good. I think you need to pepper it with a few more pretty faces.

Hope all is well.


Stacey and Rob said...

Thanks Karen! I will get right on it as soon as I can ask my blogo mentor,
Michael how to get the photos to go where you want!!!



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