Monday, October 13, 2008

Just One More

Just one more little photo and post, I can't stop...Sally, Michael, Stace, Bonnie and Brad (Sally's hub)
around the kitchen table at Casa San Marco in Cortona. Cheryl was here too, but she took the picture. It was such a laid back relaxing evening. See Bonnie? There WAS a photo of the two of us after all!
Thats it, I need to STOP now!


Bonnie said...

Italy with Stacey was fabulous...and to do art too...what a dream...can't wait to return to the pennsione Duillio...
Ciao Bella

paula l. mandel said...

Stacey: COngrats and welcome to Blogland! I have just gotten back into it myself, so check out my blog. In the meantime, yours looks very professional. I'll list you as one of my buddies so people can find you. Meanwhile, thanks SO much for Cortona. It had given me so many ideas for my found object artwork. Cioa!

Leslie said...

Well, look at you over here! I'm glad to see you're blogging! Italy was a blast, and it was fun to spend time with you in Portland last week. Have you finished your book? Mine has been on the kitchen counter and worked on since I got home.

Welcome, welcome, and keep blogging!

Stacey and Rob said...

Thank you Bonnie, Leslie and Paula!
I am hooked on it now, so I will keep going! Leslie, it was fun to see you
too last week and no, I havent worked on the book yet, but I will- please
post pics of it when you are done...
Paula, thank you, your website is amazing also, i checked it out last nite! And yeah, I noticed you are just coming back to blog land too, congrats!
I will post pics of peoples projects from Michael Cortona workshop as I go, I have some great ones!