Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stace's Prima Posta

All right, I need to do MY first post since I'm the one that was yattering to get this blog set up in the first place...I showed my dear husband Rob, how I had set up the banner and he went in and beat me to it...he was off and running!!!
I am so thrilled to have figured out how to set up this blog, I have been wanting to create a blog forever and was highly motivated after we spent a great week with our good friends, Michael and Judy, who were in Portland for Art and Soul. I credit them for pushing us to get this going,

Grazie mille guys!


Judy said...

OMG! How cool is this blog - talk about getting it going fast. Nice photo too - thanks. Will link you guys on mine.

Stacey Mattraw and Rob Friedman said...

Thanks Judy! I am too excited about doing this, I will never leave my house now, much less get that studio going!
oxo Stace

Wynn Studio said...

Happy to see you blogging~!
(Bookmarking you right now-haaa!)

J a n e