Saturday, October 11, 2008

la prima posta

....and, so here we are complete Blog-o-phites. My name is Rob and I share my life with my wife, Stacey, who is my everything.....We live in Portland, Oregon with our two sons Jesse (17) and Corey (13).

We divide out time between Portland, OR, Cortona Italy, and Bali. I feel blessed to be able to spend my time in these magical places.

For many years we owned Urbino which was an eclectic lifestyle retail store located on N.W. 23rd Ave. here in Portland. We traveled extensively on buying trips for the store which lent us an excuse to see many areas of the world.

We spent a lot of time in Italy which became a second home to us. In 2001 we jumped off the proverbial cliff and moved our whole family to Cortona, Italy for a year of living Under the Tuscan Sun (nice name for a book). I use the phrase as Cortona is the locale for the book and movie.

I have lots of stories of what our life there was like and how it changed all of us........I plan on posting them, if anyone is interested?


deMeng said...

Its about time you guys got with it and got a blog...hooray. Lets hear those tales of adventures and travel...inquiring minds want to know.

Judy Wise said...

We're here! We're interested! Oboy, now I can armchair travel, armchair party, add one more fun blog to my list. I'll be lurking ...

Marjorie said...

Hi! I am your old friend Margie (now Marjorie) Paul. HOW ARE YOU BOTH? I am doing well!!! Email me sometime and say Hi:

~Marjorie (aka Margie) Paul