Monday, October 13, 2008

The Pressure is On!

Thanks Michael for mentioning our blog! Now the pressure is on to get with it!
So where to start?

Well, I'll go to recent history. A couple of years ago, Rob and I started Arcangelo Productions, a company we created to host week long artist retreats in Cortona, Italy and Bali. Our list of fab instructors have so far have included:
Michael de Meng, Sally Jean Alexander, Nina Bagley, Traci Bautista and Jane Rosemont.

Last month, we had both Sally Jean and Michael back for a second time in Cortona, along with our good friend and talented photographer/instructor, Jane. It was a fantastic 3 weeks with everyone, I had a such a great time!

The quintessential Italian shot, beautiful signora, leaning out the kitchen window in Tuscany. (Sally Jean)

Michael and Sally, 2nd time in Cortona in the main piazza. I just noticed the guy on top of Michael's head, if I knew Photoshop, I could remove him...After I finish bugging Michael with endless, "how do you do this...?'' re. blogging, maybe he can teach me Photoshop?

And finally, Michael (again?) and my pal, Jane, who has the most amazing eyebrows and red with pink streaked hair EVER!

And lastly, my favorite view and photo of all: The Church of San Francesco in Cortona with the Val di Chiana and Montepulciano beyond.

I love this church and have 500,000 photos of it stashed away, so you'll mostly see various versions of it snuck in my future posts as I go along.

Well folks, I thought I could post and paste many more photos this evening but this little one took about 2 hours to figure out, so its late and time to sign off. I will write of further Cortona adventures tomorrow...

Buon notte! -stace-


BoneFolder said...

Here's a quickie; send me the full version and I can do it up nice.

I'm the guy who offered to teach Photoshop collage at your San Francisco gig -- I teach in the Bay Area and will be teaching in Phoenix next year.

Sorry I missed meeting you at Art and Soul -- I only figured out who you were after we left the vend…

--Mike Jennings

Stacey and Rob said...

THANK YOU Mike!!! I wish I could have met you! I am going to post the photo now! Please send me your email, the link wouldn't open!!!

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