Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thank you Mike!

Mike Jennings (BoneFolder) very graciously photoshopped my Michael and Sally photo, its a keeper! No more guy standing on Michael's head! Check out his blog, workshops, company at the link above, its really cool! -stace-


deMeng said...
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deMeng said...

thanks from me as well, Mike. I wasn't that fond of the peeing Lilliputian...especially on my head.

Judy said...

Very clever!

BoneFolder said...

When I get the high-res version I'll work out a way to eliminate the shrubbery, or at least offset it from the foreground so it doesn't look like you're wearing a funny hat.

Now that I'm seen photos of our bloggers here, I recognize you as the observers at the critique portion of loMeng deBue. (I was one of the two guys in the class.) That's TWICE in just a couple of days that I've failed to meet you when I was standing within a few feet. I'm really off my game.


Stacey and Rob said...

Which one of 2 guys were you? I remember the projects too!
That is wild!!!